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Hanoi City tour
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With ochre-colored colonial buildings, tree-lined boulevards and scenic lakes, Hanoi is full of charm. Start the tour at the historic Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum (closed on Mon & Fri, all afternoons and from Sep 10 until Dec 10 for re-embalmment); an imposing monument lavishly built using marble and granite, and where the preserved body of “Uncle Ho” resides.

 A short walk from the mausoleum is the One Pillar Pagoda – resting on a single stone pillar emerging from the water, shaped like a lotus flower on its stalk. Inside is a statue of the Goddess of Mercy with its legendary “thousand arms and thousand eyes”. Wind your way afterwards to the Temple of Literature, the first University for the sons of mandarins, for an overview about Hanoi culture and ancient Vietnamese architecture.

The serene Museum of Ethnology (closed on Mon) is 30-min drive out of town and offers a chance to get to know Vietnam’s 54 ethnic groups better. Including simple daily objects such as fishing instruments to priced items such as jewelry, as well as an outdoor area with ethnic houses, the Museum’s rich displays showcase the cultural heritages of Vietnam’s diverse communities. Enjoy a walking tour through the Old Quarter to enjoy the bustling local life. Then cap a fun day with a show at the Water Puppet Theatre - a uniquely northern Vietnamese art form depicting scenes of rural life and episodes of national history.
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* Included:

• All transportation on tour

• Entrance fees

• English speaking guide

• Water puppet show (1st class ticket)

• Mineral water and cold towel on car/van/bus

* Excluded:

• Accommodation and breakfast

• Meals with drinks

• Travel insurance

• Other personal expenses

• Tipping/gratuities

• Others not mentioned in the itinerary

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