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Cat Tien National Park Tour 2 Days
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Cat Tien National Park is a treasure trove of biodiversity. Here in the tropical forests of southern Vietnam live some of the world's most endangered species. Out of an array of unique and endemic species, Cat Tien is perhaps most famous for its herd of Javan rhinos, which for 40 years were thought to be extinct. When caught in a camera trap in 1999, the whole world took notice. The park, one of the largest in the country, was established in recognition of Cat Tien's unique wildlife and the importance of protecting it.

Those wanting to find out about Vietnam's flora and fauna will find a trip to Nam Cat Tien National Park a rewarding experience. Located 160 km from Ho Chi Minh City, Nam Cat Tien is reported to have 600 varieties of plants, 240 types of birds and 50 species of mammals...
- Length of the trip   
: 2 days

- Trip Starts from   
: Saigon city

- Trip Ends in  
: Saigon city

- Required booking time 
: 15 hours for individuals and 5 days for group in advance

- Rates per person  
: 149$ - detail price

- Rates are valid from 1 Janualy 2008


Details of Tour:
Day 1: Saigon - Cat Tien National Park (Lunch, Dinner)
Start in the morning for our drive to Nam Cat Tien. After leaving the busy city of Sai gon, turning off the National Highway 1 leads visitors to a mountainous area dotted with rubber and green coffee plantations. Crossing the Dong Nai river to enter the Cat Tien National Park, we begin our wildlife experience.

Afternoon, we do a three hour trekking to through the Reserved Core Area. We will see many kinds of hundreds of years old trees. They return to the center for dinner. After dinner, we board our jeep car to Crocodile Lake in the park for wild animals' night life watching. This evening we staying the tree house situated in the centre of the park.

 Day 2: Cat Tien National Park - Saigon (Breakfast, Lunch)
Rising early to the sounds of the forest, we take breakfast before embarking on our four-hour trekking to see the Crocodiles swamp and back to the headquarter for lunch. In the afternoon, drive back to Ho Chi Minh City.

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